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Three Types of Trousers You Should Have

Of course, in any outfit, it is important to get the right combination of shirt, trousers, and shoes. If you think you already got the right shirts and shoes, now is the time to focus on finding the perfect trousers.

Although most men just prefer slim-fit black jeans on any occasion, it is still recommended that you try different types of trousers. This is also ideal if you have a limited number of jeans and have a tendency to run out if you fail to do your laundry.

Here are three types of trousers that you might want to consider having:

  1. Corduroy Trousers

For starters, cord is composed of twisted and woven wool or cotton. It is usually worn during the corn as the trousers tend to feel warm.

The good thing about the trousers is that it can be worn during casual occasions and formal events.

  1. Twill Chinos

It is also ideal for casual events so you can easily pair it with shoes and a shirt. If you want, you can also try knitwear or a denim jacket.

  1. Linen Trousers

This type of trousers is breezy and gives an old-timer vibe. But if you want to give it a modern aura, it should be worn with sneakers and a plain shirt.



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