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Brazil Soccer Stars Protest

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, Brazil soccer stars decided to protest as the games were not canceled. The players were also seen wearing masks.

It has been said that it was the Brazilian club Gremio led the protest. They have an upcoming match against Sao Luiz this Sunday.

Boss Renato Portaluppi said in an interview,

“There’s no point in closing the doors to fans. So the fans are protected and screw those who work in football,” he said, according to Reuters. The whole world has stopped, shouldn’t Brazilian football stop as well? That’s our message and I hope they listen. We hope that good sense will prevail.”

Luckily, the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF) decided to suspend all the games after the match. However, for those who are taking part in state championship matches, the individual federations will be the ones who will decide


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