Menzillas is your one-stop hub for all things related to fitness, fashion, and sports. This site will provide you with effentive workouts that you can use to help build muscles and get fit. Also, Menzillas will give you the latest trends in fashion as well as the hottest issues in the sports world.



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Verna King

Chief Editor

Verna is an author and blogger. She is also interested in writing poetry.

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Jay Nash

Sports Writer

Jay has been known for writing news related to sports for years. He also plays most of these games including basketball, football, and tennis.

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Heidi Porter

Fashion Writer

Heidi is highly experienced in the fashion industry. She even has a blog on fashion trends for both men and women.

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Alexander Burns

Fitness Writer

Aside from being a writer on fitness, Alexander is also a fitness instructor. He spends most of his time building muscles and educating those who are interested to get fit.

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